2x Flybuys points and 10% off one Coles shop a month with a Coles Plus Saver membership (VIC/TAS only)

Coles is trialling its own version of Woolworths’ popular Everyday Extra membership. Currently only available to those in Victoria and Tasmania, Coles Plus Saver gets you double Flybuys points at Coles, First Choice Liquor and Liquorland (subject to limitations) and 10% off one Coles shop per month (up to $50 off).

Also, Coles Plus Saver members will “from time to time” receive exclusive free products and offers. All of these benefits can be had for the same price as an Everyday Extra subscription – $7/mo.

Note that Coles Plus Saver is not to be confused with the regular Coles Plus, a $19/mo subscription that provides you with free delivery on Coles shops over $50.

Terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to Coles Plus Saver subscriptions purchased from 15 March 2024. Coles Plus Saver will undergo a product customer trial, and during this trial the subscription will only be available for customers to sign up if they are based in Victoria or Tasmania. Coles Plus Saver is not available for Coles for Business customers. Customers can choose to sign up for both Coles Plus Saver and Coles Plus subscriptions, and the associated member benefits will be combined (see clause 18). Coles Plus Saver members are not required to sign-up to Coles Plus, and vice versa.

Subject to these Terms and Conditions, Coles Plus Saver is a subscription service that provides:

(a) 10% off one Coles Supermarkets transaction every calendar month on eligible items (instore, app or online) with a maximum discount value of $50 per calendar month;

(b)   Double Flybuys points at Coles Supermarkets, First Choice Liquor Market and Liquorland on eligible items (instore, app or online); and

(c)   exclusive subscriber-only free products, offers and promotions communicated to Coles Plus Saver members from time to time,

(collectively the “Subscription Benefits”).

The Subscription Benefits are valid for eligible items from Coles Supermarkets, First Choice Liquor Market and Liquorland (as applicable to the relevant Subscription Benefit) during the relevant Subscription Period, after savings and discounts have been applied. Purchases made online at Coles Supermarkets, First Choice Liquor Market and Liquorland may have minimum spend thresholds.

Coles Plus Saver Subscription Benefits are not valid for purchases of all gift cards, iTunes cards, Coles Best Buys Online Exclusive products, charity items/donations, tobacco and tobacco related products, mobile recharge, online delivery fees, Coles Plus Saver subscription fees, Coles Plus subscription fees, or purchases from Coles Express, DoorDash, UberEats and Vintage Cellars.

Subscriptions are to be paid monthly and cost $7.00 per month.

By purchasing the Coles Plus Saver subscription, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions which are to be read in conjunction with Coles Online Customer Agreement. In the event the Coles Plus Saver subscription service trial is suspended, members will receive at least thirty (30) days’ notice.

See here for the full terms and conditions.

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