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Gift Card Promotions

Every week Coles runs a promotion on various gift cards, often in the form of bonus Flybuys points. These promotions are an easy way to earn tens of thousands of points on purchases you were already going to make.

Curious what gift cards have been included in previous promotions? See our Gift Card History page for a searchable list of the last four years of gift card promotions.

Flybuys Points Offers

Flybuys Points Earning Tips

Follow these top tips to maximise the number of Flybuys points you earn.

1. Activate Your Offers

Download the Flybuys app and regularly check it to see what special points offers you have. Common offers include spending targets (eg. spend $50 or more to receive 2,500 bonus Flybuys points) or offers on particular products. There are also occasionally free items up for grabs.

2. Buy Gift Cards

Take advantage of Coles’ weekly gift card promotions by buying gift cards when they earn bonus Flybuys points. Use these gift cards to make purchases you were already going to make at places like Apple, JB Hi-Fi, Airbnb, Officeworks, The Good Guys, Uber and so on.

3. Get Your Friends & Family Earning Points

If your friends and family members aren’t already earning points, get them earning on your behalf. Flybuys makes this easy by allowing you to add up to nine members to your account.

4. Shop With Flybuys Partners

Flybuys points aren’t just earned at Coles. There’s a long list of partners where you can earn points including Kmart, Bunnings, Officeworks, Target, Catch, Optus and more.

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