Earn 0.25 Qantas points per dollar spent with the Qantas Pay debit card

The Qantas Pay card is a Qantas points earning debit Mastercard. Previously known as Qantas Cash and then Qantas Travel Money, it used to double as your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership card until May 2024 when it became a separate card under the name Qantas Pay.

As the only debit card that earns Qantas points on a per dollar basis, the Qantas Pay card can be a good alternative for those who are unable or unwilling to obtain a credit card (e.g. students, newly self-employed, pensioners, retirees etc).

If you’re planning on using this card overseas or to exchange currency, think again. Its conversion rate is considerably poorer than what you’ll get with competitors such as Wise, Revolut or many of the other debit and credit cards that don’t charge international fees.

Even during a bonus points promotion, the points you earn from Qantas Pay do not come close to justifying the cost of the currency conversions.

As long as you only use it in Australia and can tolerate its flaws (e.g. no mobile wallet support and transfers take a business day to process), the Qantas Pay card can help you earn some extra points that you might otherwise miss out on.

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