30,000 Qantas points when you open a CommBank Smart Awards credit card and spend $1,500 each month for the first three months, $60 annual fee

Receive 10,000 Qantas points each month you spend $1,500 on eligible purchases for the first three months with the Commonwealth Bank Smart Awards card.

  • $60 annual Qantas fee.
  • $19 monthly card fee, waived if you spend at least $2,000 each statement period.
  • Earn 0.6 Qantas points per dollar spent up to $5,000 per statement period.
  • Complimentary travel insurance.
  • $3,000 minimum credit limit.
  • Offer not available if you have held any CommBank Awards cards in the last 12 months.

What are 30,000 Qantas points worth?

It depends on how you redeem them:

Terms and conditions

Offers commenced 1 March 2024. The 90,000 CommBank Awards points (30,000 points per month for 3 months) or 45,000 Qantas Points (15,000 points per month for 3 months) maximum points offer is only available to customers who are in a CommBank Yello tier (Everyday, Everyday Plus or Homeowner) when they apply for a new Smart Awards credit card. The 75,000 CommBank Awards points (25,000 points per month for 3 months) or 30,000 Qantas Points (10,000 points per month for 3 months) maximum points offer is available for non-CommBank Yello customers. The offer you receive will be the offer you retain for the 3 month period, regardless of whether your eligibility for CommBank Yello changes.

To be eligible for CommBank Yello you must meet the minimum eligibility criteria as set out in the CommBank Yello Terms and Conditions available at commbank.com.au/commbankyellotcs. Eligibility for CommBank Yello is typically assessed in the first week of each month. For more information about CommBank Yello and how to check your eligibility status, please visit commbank.com.au/commbankyello.

Offers not available to customers who currently hold, or have held, any activated Awards card types in the 12 months prior as a primary cardholder or customers who switch from other card types. You will be ineligible for the bonus CommBank Awards or Qantas Points if your credit card account is closed, transferred, or in default at any time prior to the points being credited to your account.

The monthly spend criteria is based on three successive 30 day periods and the monthly CommBank Awards points or the monthly Qantas Points will be awarded when you spend $1,500 or more, minus any cash advances or refunds, in a month for the first three months. Your first 30 day period commences from the day your account is opened which you can find on your first statement. Transactions must be fully processed and any pending transactions at the end of the period will not count towards the spend criteria for that period. Bonus points will appear on your credit card statement as ‘Bonus Awards’ within 90 days of you meeting the spend criteria each month.

To be awarded the bonus Qantas Points, you must opt-in to Qantas Points in your CommBank credit card application or via the CommBank Awards website prior to meeting the spend criteria. If you opt-in to Qantas Points in your credit card application, or after applying but before you meet each offer eligibility criteria, you will receive the monthly Qantas Points in place of CommBank Awards each month. Points are initially accrued as Awards points in the CommBank Awards Program and will be automatically converted, at the end of the next Statement Period, into Qantas Points and transferred to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account after meeting the eligibility criteria. If you don’t opt-in to Qantas Points, or you opt-out of Qantas Points prior to meeting the spend eligibility criteria, you will receive the monthly CommBank Awards points each month.

The earning and redemption of CommBank Award points are subject to the CommBank Awards Program Terms and Conditions available at commbank.com.au/awardst&cs. Once CommBank Awards points are transferred to Qantas Points, they are governed by the terms and conditions of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program available at qantas.com/terms and cannot be converted back to CommBank Awards points or redeemed under the CommBank Awards Program.

Offer only available on one credit card per customer. We reserve the right to close or vary this offer at any time.

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