How to Use Uber Gift Cards to Pay for Past Uber and Uber Eats Purchases

Use this hack to retroactively earn points or save money

Uber allows you to change the payment method on Uber and Uber Eats purchases made up to 30 days ago. Using this hack, you can buy Uber gift cards during a bonus points promotion or discount and receive points or savings on rides you’ve already taken and orders you’ve already received.

Which gift cards can be added to Uber?

All of these gift cards can be used with Uber and all are frequently included in bonus points promotions.

You can wait for a promotion on Uber’s own gift cards but often it’s easier to buy the multi-retailer cards that can be exchanged online for Uber gift cards. These third-party gift cards are more frequently included in bonus points promotions.

For example, the TCN Gift and TCN Him cards can be exchanged for Uber gift cards via their respective pages on the TCN website. If it says that your card cannot be swapped, try registering your card here before attempting another swap.

Similarly, the Ultimate Everyone and Ultimate Him cards can also be converted to Uber gift cards through the Ultimate Exchange website. The expiry date you must enter is usually 12/29 for physical Ultimate cards.

Adding the gift cards to your Uber account

In the Uber or Uber Eats app, go to the Account tab and tap Wallet. Select the button to redeem a gift card and enter the code on your Uber gift card. Uber gift cards work with both Uber and Uber Eats and any gift card you redeem on your Uber account can be used with both apps.

Switching the payment method on past purchases

Once you’ve added your gift card, head to the Trips section in the Uber app or the Orders section in the Uber Eats app. Go to the ride or order you would like to amend and then tap on its receipt.

From there you have the option to change the payment method to use your Uber credit instead, provided the purchase was made within the last 30 days. Your original payment will then be refunded back to your credit or debit card.

Before and after switching the payment on an Uber Eats order.

If you used a combination of card and Uber credit to pay for a purchase, you will first have to change the payment method to use a second card to pay for the entire order. Once you’ve done that, you can then go back and change it to use only your Uber credit.

Note that there have been reports that you can no longer switch the payment on Apple Pay and Google Pay purchases. If that’s how you’ve been paying, test if you can switch the payment method on a single ride or order first before going out and buying a bunch of gift cards.

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13 Responses

  1. I’ve applied my Uber gift card but it comes up as Uber Cash, which is not listed as a Payment Method. I can use it as Uber Cash to pay for future trips, but it isnt listed as a Payment Method for previous trips. Not sure if thats due to my previous trips being overseas (and in other currency) or not?


  2. The option to change payment methods for my activity over the last 30 days does not exist for me, is it because I paided with paypal?


    1. PayPal should not be a problem. As recently as last week we were able to switch the payment method on an order paid for with PayPal and the option is still there for other orders.


  3. I currently have Uber One and only get the discounts due to being a Mastercard Promotion. Im wondering if I change the payment method and try to get the refunds, if it would change the amount charged. Anyone with Uber One that tried that?


    1. I have a free UberOne promo through PayPal and I was able to change the payment method from PayPal to Uber Cash successfully. The only one it got a bit funny with was one order that used the credit from an Uber fare, so I didn’t bother changing that one and kept the credit for a future purchase.


  4. Like a previous user I applied my Uber gift card but it comes up as Uber Cash, which is not listed as a Payment Method. I can use it as Uber Cash to pay for future trips, but it isnt listed as a Payment Method for previous trips. My previous trips were not overseas (and in other currency). Is there anything I can do?


    1. That’s odd. I just checked and I’m still able to switch the payment method on past Uber purchases to use Uber Cash. You could try messaging Uber support. If you tell them that you forgot to use your Uber credit on a past ride they should be able to switch it for you.


  5. Hi! Grabbed Uber card today to take advantage of points and to prepare a balance as heading to USA next month. Do you know if I can use the Uber cash there?


    1. That’s odd as it was certainly possible in the past. I’ll update the guide accordingly. Thanks.


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