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20x Everyday Rewards points on TCN Gift, Baby, Party, Deluxe, Pamper and Holiday & Hotel gift cards at Woolworths

Thanks to one of our readers for letting us know about this promotion early.

Earn 20x Everyday Rewards points per dollar spent on all denominations of TCN Gift, Baby, Party, Deluxe, Pamper and Holiday & Hotel gift cards at Woolworths. Some of these gift cards can be used at retailers like JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, Uber, Uber Eats, Baby Bunting, Kogan and more.

Here are the details:

  • Runs from Wed 19 Jun to Tue 25 Jun 2024.
  • Only available in-store at Woolworths.
  • Daily purchase limits apply – see table below.
  • This offer is open to everyone and does not require activation.

Purchase limits

As is often the case with Woolworths’ promotions, the purchase limits are needlessly confusing so hopefully this table can help you to make sense of them. Note that the $30 and $50 denominations of the TCN Gift gift card have a separate purchase limit to the $100 denomination of the same card.

Gift cardPurchase limit
TCN Gift ($30, $50), TCN Baby ($50, $100), TCN Party ($25, $40), TCN Pamper ($50, $100), Holiday & Hotel ($100)Ten cards per day (multiple transactions allowed)
TCN Gift ($100), TCN Deluxe (variable load), Holiday & Hotel (variable load)Two cards per day (one transaction per day)

How it works

Scan your Everyday Rewards card at the checkout when buying any of these gift cards at Woolworths between 19 Jun and 25 Jun 2024. After you pay, the points should be immediately credited to your Everyday Rewards account.

This promotion won’t be advertised in your app or online as it’s from the catalogue. These weekly gift card offers are open to all Everyday Rewards members by default and don’t need to be activated or “boosted” in order for you to participate.

Make sure you keep in mind the purchase limits mentioned above. Most gift cards are subject to the standard ten cards per day limit but the $100 TCN Gift, variable load Deluxe and variable load Holiday & Hotel gift cards are limited to just two cards per day and they must be purchased in the same transaction.

Where these gift cards can be used

Popular retailers are in bold.

TCN Gift gift cards can be used at Adairs, Adidas, Adore Beauty, ASOS, Barbeques Galore, BCF, Big Swing Golf, Bonds, Calvin Klein, Champion, City Beach, Cotton On, Culture Kings, Decjuba, Dr. Martens, Drummond Golf, Dymocks, Foot Locker, Glassons, Glue Store, H&M, Hype DC, Jay Jays, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Just Jeans, Kingpin,, Macpac, Nike, Peter Alexander, Platypus, Princess Polly, Rebel, Reebok, Roblox, Shein, Smiggle, Sony Playstation Store, Sportsgirl, Supercheap Auto, Surf Dive ‘n Ski, The AFL Store, The Good Guys, The Oodie, Timberland, Timezone, TK Maxx, Tommy Hilfiger, Tony Bianco, Typo, Uber, Uber Eats, Universal Store, White Fox Boutique, Zone Bowling.

TCN Baby gift cards can be used at Adairs Kids, Adore Beauty, ASOS, Baby Bunting, Bae The Label, Bonds, Booktopia, Cotton On Body, Cotton On Kids, Dymocks, H&M, Kidstuff, Peter Alexander, Ripe Maternity, The Trybe, Toyworld.

TCN Party gift cards can be used at AG LEGO Certified Stores, ASOS, BCF, Billabong, Bonds, Booktopia, Bounce, Champion, City Beach, Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Cotton On Kids, Culture Kings, Decathlon, Decjuba Kids, Dotti, Dymocks, Factorie, Foot Locker, Ghanda, Glue Store, H&M, Holey Moley, Hype DC, Jay Jays, JB Hi-Fi, JD Sports, Just Jeans, Kidstuff, Macpac, Movie World, Peter Alexander, Platypus, Puma, Quiksilver, Rebel, Reebok, Sea World, Shein, Skechers, Smiggle, Sportsgirl, Supre, Surf Dive ‘n Ski, The AFL Store, The Athlete’s Foot, The Oodie, Timezone, TK Maxx, Toyworld, Typo, Universal Store, Village Roadshow Theme Parks, Wet n Wild, Xbox, Zone Bowling.

TCN Deluxe gift cards can be used at Academy Brand, Adairs, Adairs Kids, Adore Beauty, AG LEGO Certified Stores, Baby Bunting, Bae The Label, BCF, Beginning Boutique, Billabong, Booktopia, Bounce, Calvin Klein, Champion, Collins Booksellers, Cotton On, Culture Kings, Decathlon, Decjuba, Decjuba Kids, Dotti, Dr. Martens, Drummond Golf, Dymocks, Edge Clothing, Eva, Ghanda, Ginger and Smart, Glassons, Glue Store, Hallensteins, Hello Molly, Howards Storage World, Hype DC, Intersport, Jeans West, Just Jeans, Kidstuff, Kookai, Macpac, Matchbox, Merrell, Neverland,, OZ Design Furniture, Oz Hair & Beauty, Perfect Stranger, Petal & Pup, Peter Alexander, PETstock, Platypus, Princess Polly, Provincial Home Living, Quiksilver, Rebel, Reebok, Ripe Maternity, Scotch & Soda, Seafolly, Sheike, Shein, Sheridan, Sheridan Outlet, Showpo., Skechers, Smiggle, Sportsco, Sportsgirl, Stylerunner, Sunnylife, Supercheap Auto, Surf Dive ‘n Ski, SurfStitch, Sussan, Suzanne Grae, That’s So Fetch, The AFL Store, The Athlete’s Foot, The Oodie, Tiger Mist, Timberland, TK Maxx, Tommy Hilfiger, Tony Bianco, Typo, UGG Express, Universal Store, V.I.P. Home Services, Van Heusen, Village Roadshow Theme Parks, VRG GRL, Weber, White Fox Boutique.

TCN Pamper gift cards can be used at Barber and Beauty Shops (7230), Health and Beauty Spas (7298) and Hotels, Motels and Resorts (7011).

Holiday & Hotel gift cards can only be used to book hotels on The Hotel Card website. We don’t recommend buying this gift card.

Points calculator

Use this calculator to see how many Qantas points or Everyday Rewards Dollars you’ll earn from your gift card purchase.

More information

If you’re new to these promotions, check out our step by step guide on how to earn points by buying gift cards.

If you want to know how often certain gift cards are included in these offers, see our Gift Card Promotion History tool.

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48 Responses

    1. My understanding is that Uber gift card credit becomes a separate balance to Uber Cash from 20 Jun but it’s not entirely clear whether that means you can’t also retroactively apply it to past orders.


      1. I was able to switch the payment method on a past order to use a gift card I added this morning, though it would be good to see a few others pull it off before drawing any final conclusions.


      1. Make sense not even to another’s store voucher as example JB or Good guys voucher, since panning to buy new phones by the end of year


    1. I believe that the TCN Gift gift card is only stocked in $30, $50 and $100 denominations at Woolworths. That’s the only one that can be exchanged for an Uber gift card.


  1. With the TCN Gift coming in two types for the promotion, could i get x10 $50 and then x2 $100s in the same day and still get the points ?


    1. Yes. The purchase limits for $100 TCN Gift gift cards is separate to the limit that would apply to the $30 and $50 cards so you could potentially buy $700 worth in a single day (ten $50 and two $100), provided of course you find that many in stock.


  2. What is these number – Beauty Shops (7230), Health and Beauty Spas (7298) and Hotels, Motels and Resorts (7011) stand for? Thanks.


    1. Those are merchant category codes. The way these merchant category restricted gift cards work is that they’ll only allow you to use the cards with specific MCCs. If you try to make a purchase at a business that doesn’t use one of those specific MCCs then the card will decline it.


    1. No. Airbnb uses a different merchant category code (Travel Agencies and Tour Operators 4722).


    1. No fee. As a general rule, the only gift cards with purchase fees are prepaid Visa, Eftpos and Mastercard gift cards that you can use anywhere. All of the gift cards in this offer are limited to specific merchants or merchant categories so they don’t have any fees.


  3. How do you use TCN Gift for Uber / Uber Eats?
    I have a few past orders i would like to change over to the gift card balance is that still possible?


    1. How do you use TCN Gift for Uber / Uber Eats?

      Go to the TCN website, select Uber from the list of retailers and then swap your card for one of Uber’s own gift cards.

      I have a few past orders i would like to change over to the gift card balance is that still possible?

      Yes, though there are some changes coming to the way Uber gift cards work on 20 Jun 2024 so I can’t guarantee that the switch payment hack will still work after that.


  4. Can I use multiple gift cards on a single transaction say at JB Hifi? eg 5 x $100 gift cards for a $500 transaction


    1. Yes. JB Hi-Fi does not limit how many gift cards you can use either in-store or online, though if you’re purchasing online you will first need to exchange your TCN Gift or Party gift cards for some of JB Hi-Fi’s own gift cards via the TCN website.


    1. They do, yes. After you convert your TCN Gift gift card to an Uber gift card you are emailed a code which you then redeem in the Uber or Uber Eats app. Purchases will then automatically apply the Uber gift card balance in your account.


      1. I’m getting the “Your card can not swap for this voucher. Please contact us for assistance.” when i try and do this


    1. Your assumption is correct. WISH and Woolworths gift cards cannot be used to purchase any other gift cards.


  5. Do you know if it is possible to use the TCN Gift Cards at any camera store? Ted’s Camers or Camera house?


  6. For every TCN gift card.
    System error

    We apologise, but there is currently a system error preventing partial value swaps of your gift cards.

    At this time you can only swap the full amount of your gift card. Our team is working on resolving this issue.

    Thank you for your patience.


  7. Hi,
    Would the TCN Pamper card work for an Accor Hotel booking? If so, if I had a $600 booking would I need to get a $500 card + a $100 card, as there couldn’t be a partial redemption with a higher value card?


    1. Pamper gift cards are only available in $50 and $100 denominations at Woolworths. They do support the merchant category code for hotels so you may possibly be able to use them at Accor but you would have to pay $50 or $100 at a time. I think you would be better off waiting for another promotion on Accor’s own gift cards.


  8. hello, can I do x10 $50 GIFT and x10 $40 PARTY gift cards in one day, or is the 10 limit overall per day?


    1. Officially, the limit is ten cards overall for those two but I have been told that this isn’t enforced and that you can actually buy ten $50 TCN Gift and ten $10 TCN Party in the same day. If you try this, I’d recommend that you confirm on the checkout screen that you’re earning all the points before paying.


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