3x Qantas points on Bunnings, Airbnb, Spotify and other gift cards on Qantas Marketplace

Some of the gift cards you can earn 3x Qantas points on.

Qantas Marketplace now allows customers to purchase selected gift cards with money – not just with points as is usually the case. This means you can earn 3x Qantas points per dollar spent on a variety of gift cards that wouldn’t ordinarily accrue points, such as:

You can find the full list of eligible gift cards by going here and looking for the cards that display a cash price alongside their points price. If a gift card only shows a points price (e.g. Woolworths, JB Hi-Fi, Eftpos etc) then you won’t be able to purchase it with money and earn 3x points.

Restaurant Choice gift cards are great as you can use them at pretty much any restaurant or eating place.

Is 3x points even worth it?

Whilst 3x Qantas points may not sound like much when compared to the 10x Qantas points you can earn from the weekly promotions at Woolworths and Coles, this method does have some advantages over those other offers.

For example, this is essentially the only way you can earn points on Spotify and Bunnings gift cards as you won’t find either of those cards in the weekly 20x points offers. There’s no point holding out for a better offer if it’s never going to come.

Also, unlike those in-store gift card offers, this one is constantly available, doesn’t restrict how many cards you can buy and you don’t have to worry about heading to the supermarket only to find they’ve sold out of the cards you’re after.

If you have an urgent purchase to make, it may not be practical to wait several months for a better offer to come along. In 2023, for example, Woolworths ran only four promotions on Accor gift cards and just three on Restaurant Choice cards.

If you’re not in any rush and you know that the gift cards you’re after will eventually be included in better offer then by all means feel free to wait. However, if you need a gift card today, 3x Qantas points per dollar is certainly better than nothing.

How long do the points take to arrive?

The $50 Bunnings digital gift card I purchased was delivered by email within minutes and the Qantas points were credited to my account three days later.

It’s also worth noting that you will only receive 3x points per dollar spent on gift cards irrespective of any other bonus points offers you may have access to. The extra points that Points Club and Points Club Plus members receive on other Qantas Marketplace items do not apply to gift card purchases.

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9 Responses

  1. Thanks for the heads up! Did you get the Qantas points instantly on the $50 bunnings giftcard?


    1. Not yet. My account page on Qantas Marketplace shows the purchase as having earned 150 points but from memory, Marketplace points take a week or so to credit.

      Update: The points arrived three days after my purchase.


  2. I hit so many errors and repeated security codes it looks like it locked out my account. Rang the support line but they couldnt do much. Will see if its still working in 24 hours.


  3. Can you use airbnb gift cards on previously booked accomodation. Kind of like how you can with uber?


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