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20x Everyday Rewards points on Westfield Eftpos, Webjet, IKEA, Cafe Choice, Gift to Dine and Hoyts gift cards at Woolworths

Thanks to one of our readers for letting us know about this promotion early.

Earn 20x Everyday Rewards points per dollar spent on Westfield Eftpos, Webjet, IKEA, Cafe Choice, Gift to Dine and Hoyts gift cards at Woolworths. The Westfield Eftpos gift card can be used almost anywhere Eftpos cards are accepted, not just in Westfield shopping centres.

For each $100 Westfield Eftpos card you buy, you’ll essentially be paying $5.95 (the card purchase fee) to earn either $10 worth of Everyday Rewards Dollars or 1,000 Qantas points. At under 0.6 cents per point, that’s a cheap way of boosting your Qantas Frequent Flyer balance.

The Cafe Choice gift card is also worth a mention as it can be used any restaurant, drinking place or fast food outlet. This is an easy way to pick up some extra points when dining out, especially since this promotion includes the variable card that can be loaded with up to $500.

Here are the details:

  • Runs from Wed 12 Jun to Tue 18 Jun 2024.
  • Only available in-store at Woolworths.
  • Daily purchase limits apply – see table below.
  • Westfield Eftpos has a $5.95 purchase fee.
  • This offer is open to everyone and does not require activation.

Purchase limits

As is often the case with Woolworths’ promotions, the purchase limits are needlessly complicated so hopefully this table can help you to make sense of them.

Gift cardPurchase limit
Westfield Eftpos ($50, $100), Cafe Choice ($50, $100), Gift to Dine ($100, $200)Five cards per day (multiple transactions allowed)
IKEA ($100, $200), Webjet ($100, $200), Hoyts ($30, $50, $100)Ten cards per day (multiple transactions allowed)
Cafe Choice ($50-500 variable load)Five cards per day (one transaction per day)
Webjet ($20-500 variable load)Ten cards per day (one transaction per day)

How it works

Purchase any of these gift cards at Woolworths between 12 Jun and 18 Jun 2024 and scan your Everyday Rewards card at the checkout to earn 20x Everyday Rewards points per dollar spent. These points will be instantly credited to your Everyday Rewards account.

This offer doesn’t require you to activate or “boost” anything because it’s automatically open to all Everyday Rewards members. You won’t see it in your app but you will find it in the catalogue (when it’s released) and possibly also advertised in-store at the gift card display.

When you’re buying the gift cards, the checkout should tell you how many points you are going to earn on the last screen just before you pay. If you don’t see this, it’s possible you may have inadvertently selected the wrong gift cards.

It’s crucial that you stick to the purchase limits outlined above. For example, if you’re buying the variable load Cafe Choice or Webjet gift cards, remember that you can only make one transaction per day. The fixed value cards, on the other hand, can be purchased across multiple transactions each day.

If the checkout won’t let you purchase multiple of those variable load cards in one transaction, try asking if a manager or supervisor can approve the purchase. If that doesn’t work, you’ll either have to load one of the cards with $499 or come back another day to purchase more.

Where these gift cards can be used

Cafe Choice gift cards can be used at Eating Places and Restaurants (5812), Hotels, Caterers (5811), Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages), Bars, Taverns, Cocktail lounges, Nightclubs and Discotheques (5813) Fast Food Restaurants (5814) Motels & Resorts, Central Merchant (7011), Amusement Parks, Circuses, Carnivals, and Fortune Tellers (7996).

Gift to Dine gift cards can be exchanged for vouchers that can be used at selected restaurants only.

IKEA gift cards can be used in-store and online. There is no limit on the number of IKEA gift cards that you can use. Note that they can take up to 48 hours to be activated so don’t plan to use them immediately.

Westfield Eftpos gift cards can be used at almost any merchant that accepts physical Eftpos gift cards; they’re not just limited to Westfield shopping centres. Note that as of Jan 2024, Australia Post no longer accepts Westfield Eftpos gift cards.

Points calculator

Use the calculator below to see how many points you will earn.

More information

If you’re new to these promotions, check out our step by step guide on how to earn points by buying gift cards.

If you want to know how often certain gift cards are included in these offers, see our Gift Card Promotion History tool.

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43 Responses

    1. Unless something has very recently changed at Woolworths I believe the only gift card in this offer that you can’t purchase with the Luxury or TCN Eftpos card is the Westfield Eftpos card. All the others should be fine.


      1. So, if I buy Westfield etfpos , then use it to buy Cafe choice, it will be fine? That’s a good way to stack it.


      2. Based on what we know it should work but there’s always a chance it could change before then.


  1. Does the cafe choice card work like the dining cards ? Eg tap and pay at any restaurant?


  2. Would the westfield eftpos card be the best value eftpos card as most other offers are only 10x points?


    1. It depends which card you buy. If you buy the largest Westfield Eftpos card ($100) in this 10x points offer you’ll pay a $5.95 fee to earn 2,000 points. If you buy the largest value card ($500) in a 10x points offer you’ll pay a $7.95 fee to earn 5,000 points. Both are good options but I wouldn’t recommend buying any of the smaller denomination cards.


      1. Uber Eats purchases are processed under the MCC 5812 so it should work just fine with the Cafe Choice gift card. I’d prefer to wait for a promotion on Uber’s own gift cards as they’re more convenient.


  3. Who would buy the Gift to Dine cards (ony useable for select restaurants) when Cafe Choice seems to encompass all restaurants?


  4. Can hardly find cafe choice at Woolworths even before the offer, so assume they won’t be as much on shelves come Wednesday. All Woolworths have got is Restaurant Choice.


    1. What is the difference between Cafe Choice & Restaurant Choice?
      They seem to be from the same company (?)


  5. Hey, would it be possible to use the Westfield card to purchase the IKEA gift card to get some extra points?


  6. Hello,
    Can we purchase 1x variable card for Webjet and 10x ikea cards in the same transaction?
    Thanks in advance!


  7. Hi
    Do you think using 3 different cards ( Vanilla M/C from last week )to purchase Cafe Choice cards in a single transaction will work or would it be best to go back on 3 different days?


  8. Can I use the digital Everyday Wish gift card purchased through Qantas Marketplace to buy these cards in person?


  9. Today I purchased a $400 Cafe Choice GC and the woman at the cash register asked if I’d like to use my monthly 10% off offer on the purchase. Something I get from Woolies as a promotion for insurance I hold. I didn’t think I could use my 10% off in conjunction with a GC purchase, but she said I could. I didn’t actually use it today, but has anyone else done so previously? Can I get a $400 GC but only pay $360? And if so, I presume I’ll only get 20x points on my $360 spend, and not the $400 GC value…?


    1. The checkout prompts you to use the discount but it doesn’t actually work on gift cards. Try it next time and you’ll see.


      1. I was offered this too by the cashier and I asked them if it works for gift cards, they said they weren’t sure. They tried and it didn’t work. Cashier said it the 10% is still on my account for next time.


  10. Could Cafe Choice gift cards be used on booking Airbnbs?

    Could I also potentially use the Cafe choice gift cards on


    1. I believe both Airbnb and use the merchant category code Travel Agencies and Tour Operators (4722) which is not one of the supported MCCs on the Cafe Choice gift card.


  11. Anyone ever find any cafe choice cards? Every woolies I’ve been to in the ACT there’s just a blank hole where the cards should be


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