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10x Everyday Rewards points on TCN Eftpos gift cards at Woolworths

Thanks to one of our readers for letting us know about this promotion early.

For the first time in over six months, Woolworths is offering 10x Everyday Rewards points on Eftpos gift cards. These cards can be spent almost anywhere that accepts physical Eftpos payments so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a use for them.

If you buy a variable TCN Eftpos card loaded with $500, you’ll essentially be paying $7.95 (the card purchase fee) to earn $25 worth of Everyday Rewards Dollars or 2,500 Qantas points. That’s a very cheap way of buying points.

Here are the details:

  • Runs from Wed 24 Apr to Tue 30 Apr 2024.
  • Only available in-store at Woolworths.
  • Limit of five $50 or $100 cards per day which can be bought across multiple transactions.
  • Limit of two $20-500 variable load cards per day which must be purchased in a single transaction each day.
  • Gift card purchase fees apply ($5.95-7.95).
  • This offer is open to everyone and does not require activation.

How do I take advantage of this offer?

Scan your Everyday Rewards card when purchasing any of these TCN Eftpos gift cards between 24 and 30 April and you’ll earn 10x Everyday Rewards points per dollar spent. Make sure you keep in mind the daily purchase limits mentioned above.

You don’t have to boost this offer as it’s open to all Everyday Rewards members but you can confirm how many points you are going to earn on the checkout screen just before payment. After you pay, the points should be credited to your Everyday Rewards account instantly.

Note that this promotion is for TCN Eftpos cards which have recently replaced the Perfect Eftpos cards that Woolworths used to stock. Some stores – particularly those in remote areas – may not have switched over to the new TCN Eftpos cards yet so make sure you’re buying the right ones.

If the checkout won’t allow you to add two gift cards each loaded with $500, it’s possible that this is because your store has a $1,000 gift card transaction limit. If this occurs, you can try asking for a manager or supervisor to override the limit or, alternatively, load one of the cards with a slightly lower amount.

Which card denomination should I buy?

As you can see from the table below, the only denomination worth buying in this promotion is the $20-500 variable card loaded with $500. With the $50 and $100 cards, the purchase fee is slightly cheaper but you only earn a fraction of the points.

Gift cardPurchase feeEDR points earnedCost per EDR point
$50 TCN Eftpos$5.955001.2 cents
$100 TCN Eftpos$6.951,0000.7 cents
$20-500 TCN Eftpos (loaded with $500)$7.955,0000.2 cents

How many points will I earn?

More information

If you’re new to these promotions, check out our step by step guide on how to earn points by buying gift cards.

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20 Responses

    1. As these are Eftpos gift cards they cannot be used online but it’s possible that you may be able to use them at a post office if your ATO payment allows you to pay that way.


      1. Can you buy gift cards on day one and then use them to buy the next days gift cards and repeat for the duration of the promotion?


  1. Do you think you’ll be able to purchase a TCN Eftpos Card with another TCN Eftpos Card at Woolworths? Assuming you’ll do a split transaction ie. $500 on TCN card, and $7.95 on your on card.


    1. I very much doubt it. At Woolworths, it has long been understood that you can use prepaid gift cards to purchase most other gift cards with the exception of prepaid Visa/Mastercard/Eftpos cards and any of Woolworths Group’s own cards.


    1. Not a lot is known about these cards as they were only just introduced at Woolworths but if try it and it works, please let us know.


  2. Do you know uf you can use these cards to purchase luxury escapes cards on the 20 times points promotion when they come up at either Cole’s or Woolworths?


    1. Yes, you’ll still be able to earn points just as you normally would when paying with one of these gift cards.


    1. As long as you can pay at the post office I expect that will work. I’ve seen a number of people report that they were able to use these cards to pay bills and rates this way.


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