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How to Earn Points Buying Gift Cards

Almost every week, Coles and Woolworths run promotions on various gift cards, usually in the form of bonus points. These promotions are an easy way to earn tens of thousands of Qantas, Velocity, Everyday Rewards or Flybuys points on purchases you were already going to make. What are these promotions and how do they work? In addition to their weekly grocery specials, Coles and Woolworths regularly run promotions on an assortment of gift cards. Big

What Are Points Worth?

How much are your Qantas, Velocity, Everyday Rewards and Flybuys points worth? The answer varies depending on how you choose to redeem them, but the gist of it is: What are Everyday Rewards points worth? Everyday Rewards gives you two options for redeeming your points. Once you reach 2,000 Everyday Rewards points you can either receive $10 in Everyday Rewards dollars or 1,000 Qantas points. Everyday Rewards dollars can be spent at Woolworths, Big W,

How to Start Earning Points

What are points and why should I earn them? Points are the rewards you receive in the loyalty programmes of Australia’s two main airlines and supermarket groups: The benefits of earning points can be as simple as saving money on your groceries or as grand as flying international first class for free. How you choose to redeem the points you earn is up to you, the important thing is to start earning them as soon

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